Pain Management Billing

Helping Pain Management Providers Compliantly and Consistently Maximize Reimbursements for Over 30 Years

Comprehensive Medical Billing for Pain Management Practices and Providers

Your pain management billing practices significantly impact your business’s financial health. You’re exposed to payment delays, unsteady cash flow, claims denials, and under-compensation without proper revenue cycle management. With over 30 years of experience in medical billing for pain management practices, BSI specializes in promptly maximizing reimbursements for our clients.

Our pain management billing covers a wide range of fully customizable services. Our AAPC-certified pain management coding specialists can remove the challenges of translating medical records into claims. BSI’s credentialing support can streamline your credentialing cycle, enabling you to become in-network with desired carriers sooner. Our AR and claims management team diligently tracks and follows up on late payments and delinquent accounts. We also can uncover any pain management billing and coding inefficiencies with our thorough auditing services.

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The Benefits of BSI’s Pain Management Billing Support

BSI’s medical billing and coding does far more than increase collections and maximize reimbursements promptly. We ensure compliance with all pain management medical coding and billing guidelines. Our billing and coding services are cost-effective solutions that lower your operational costs. 

Our thorough understanding of pain management procedures performed while assigning the corresponding CPT codes, result in highly accurate claims and exceptional clean claim rates. And most importantly, when you choose BSI as your partner for medical billing for pain management, you have more time to devote to patient care and expanding your practice.

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Certified Pain Management Coding Support

Because pain management has a multi-disciplinary approach, it is highly complex. Coding for pain management practices and providers requires the highest level of expertise. BSI’s pain management coding services are performed by AAPC-certified specialists who accurately code for everything from chronic pain medicine to trigger point injections

Our team strictly follows all pain management medical billing guidelines involving coding to ensure industry and regulatory compliance. They properly account for the ever-changing coding and reporting conventions and increased specificity brought on by ICD-10. When you choose BSI as your coding and billing company,  you do more than submit meticulously coded claims—you increase collections and eliminate the time-consuming stress of denial adjudication.

Why Choose BSI’s Pain Management Billing Services?

Throughout our 30 years in the medical billing industry, we’ve established a proven track record of maximizing reimbursements for our clients. We are a U.S.-based billing company headquartered in Arkansas. That means when you need assistance or have a pressing issue, you speak with someone from your dedicated pain management billing team. You’re never routed to call centers overseas. 

In 2021, we averaged processing over $1 million in charges and $600 thousand in payments for our clients monthly. We have the capability to work with pain management practices of all sizes without compromising on the quality of customer service we provide. 

Our entire organization takes pride in what we do, and we enjoy doing it for our clients. If you’re seeking a true partner for medical billing for pain management, reach out to BSI to start a conversation.

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