Dermatology Billing Services

Helping Dermatology Providers Compliantly and Consistently Maximize Reimbursements for Over 30 Years

Your Experienced Dermatology Medical Billing Partner

Healthcare providers specializing in dermatology must navigate a complex and complicated billing process to get reimbursed. Inputting the correct procedure codes for services performed and addressing denied claims requires a lot of time, affecting the level of service you can provide patients. With BSI Medical Billing’s dermatology billing services, you can focus on patient care and practice management and not billing and coding

For over 30 years, our customized medical billing services have maximized our clients’ reimbursements and minimized turnaround times. BSI’s revenue cycle management includes accounts receivable and claims management that ensure a steady cash flow. This gives your practice a solid financial foundation to help grow your business.

When To Consider Dermatology Billing Services

Many signs indicate your practice would benefit from BSI’s dermatology medical billing, including:

  • Your in-house team is overworked and overwhelmed with claims
  • You lack dermatology coding expertise
  • Unsteady cash flows and reimbursement delays
  • Consistent claims denials
  • Loss of revenue but not business
  • Insufficient clean claim rates
  • Credentialing holdups

Benefits of BSI’s Dermatology Billing Services

When you choose BSI as your billing company, you can rely on experiencing numerous benefits, including:

  • Maximized compliant compensation in shorter time frames
  • More time to focus on critical daily tasks
  • More accurate billing 
  • Significant cost savings compared to onboarding, training, and compensating new hires
  • Greater focus on patient care
  • Billing compliance assurance 
  • Minimized denials and delays

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Why Accurate Dermatology Coding Matters

The CPTs of ICD-10 coding are vital components of BSI’s dermatology billing services. Any inaccuracies in procedure or diagnosis codes substantially raise the chance of a claim being denied or spending prolonged periods in AR. 

Our team of AAPC-certified dermatology coding specialists has a strong working knowledge of codes based on all aspects of your specialty. BSI provides meticulous evaluation and management of all dermatology coding to ensure you’re fully reimbursed promptly.

Understanding Medical Billing Codes for Dermatology

As a dermatologist, you provide care for a wide range of health issues. While it would be nice to use the same CPT coding for skin biopsies as Mohs surgery, you simply can’t. Furthermore, many treatments require multiple procedures, which only add to the complexities of dermatology coding

BSI’s expertise in medical billing codes for dermatology ensures your billing is detailed and accurate. All claims include the proper codes, modifiers, and combinations necessary to avoid delays.

Comprehensive Dermatology Billing Services

Along with our superior dermatology coding and billing services as well as AR and claims management, BSI offers various other services that enhance your revenue cycle management. Our credentialing services ensure your new practice or providers are enrolled with desired insurance companies. This is a complicated but essential step in being reimbursed. 

We also offer auditing to pinpoint any process inefficiencies or issues that are the source of denials, delays, or delinquencies. BSI also helps streamline your billing processes by using innovative software that supports interfaces across many systems. This helps us extract as much data from EMRs as possible to submit the most accurate claims. BSI is the partner for you if you’re ready to relieve your practice of the stresses associated with dermatology medical billing and increase your revenue.

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