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Reduce Claim Denials With Accurate Healthcare Coding Services

Detailed and error-free medical coding and billing are essential elements of revenue cycle management. However, due to how complex and time-consuming clinical documentation is, many practices struggle to submit accurate codes. This leads to claims denials and extended payment turnaround times. If these issues seem all too familiar to you, BSI Medical Billing’s medical coding services are the solution.

We are industry-leading medical coding support specialists with over 30 years of experience helping physicians practicing in various specialties. BSI’s team of highly trained AAPC-certified medical coders uses innovative software along with their impeccable attention to detail, which maximizes reimbursements, minimizes denials, and stabilizes cash flow.

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Fully Customized Healthcare Coding Services

Every practice and provider has unique qualities. That’s why BSI tailors medical coding support based on your specific needs. Whether you’re looking for complete coding solutions or coding review assistance to make sure there are no issues or errors, we shape our service levels around your objectives.

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The Benefits of Medical Coding Outsourcing

BSI’s medical coding services provide many long-term benefits, including:

  • Maximized reimbursements: BSI’s healthcare coding services significantly reduce the number of denied claims and prolonged turnaround times. Our detailed and highly-accurate coding optimizes your revenue stream, keeping your practice financially viable.
  • Cost savings: BSI’s medical coding services maximize reimbursements and lower your operational costs. Rather than onboarding, training, and compensating an in-house staff, you gain access to an entire team of world-class coders. 
  • Billing and coding compliance and security: The healthcare industry has some of the most stringent and evolving regulations. BSI’s healthcare coding services help ensure you meet coding and billing compliance requirements.
  • Reliability: When you partner with BSI’s AAPC-certified medical coding support specialists, you have the comfort of knowing your medical coding is meticulous and accurate. You don’t have to worry about diminishing quality during busy times or being short-staffed.
  • More time for patient care: Too often, providers reach out to us because they don’t have the time and resources available to dedicate to their billing needs while also caring for patients. BSI’s medical coding services remove these burdens, allowing more time for your patients and growing your practice.

Offering More Than Medical Coding Support

If you’re interested in partnering with a coding company, you’ll likely benefit from other services as well. BSI’s medical billing services include accounts receivable and claims management. We also navigate the complicated credentialing processes to ensure our clients are reimbursed promptly. Our auditing services identify and address any inconsistencies, inefficiencies, or filing process problems causing you to lose out on revenue.

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