Our Revenue Cycle Management Services

Maximizing Reimbursement and Shortening Turnaround Times

Full-Service Billing Support for Medical Practices and Providers

As a healthcare provider, your top priority is undoubtedly delivering the highest level of care to your patients. But when you and your staff are overwhelmed with complicated billing and revenue management tasks, it’s hard to focus where it matters most. BSI Medical Billing’s services remove the burden of coding, credentialing, accounts receivable, and claims management.

For over 30 years, we’ve helped practices of all types and sizes strengthen their financial footing and simplify their back-office processes. From auditing your current efforts to AAPC-certified coding, we offer a full range of customized administrative services that optimize your operations and ensure quicker and maximized reimbursements. With BSI, you have a U.S.-based billing partner dedicated to impacting your day-to-day operations positively.

How We Maximize Reimbursement and Optimize Efficiency

BSI’s industry expertise, attention to detail, and innovative data extraction software bring you robust cash flows and enhanced efficiency.

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Why BSI Is the Revenue Cycle Management Partner for You

BSI is a U.S.-based, family-owned business that has developed our services for over three decades. We have a proven track record of compliantly maximizing reimbursements for our clients and know our success is determined by yours. 

In 2021, we achieved a 94% clean claim rate for our anesthesiology clients with payments in AR for less than 25 days on average. This resulted in processing over $3.6 million for our anesthesia partners. If that’s not impressive enough, our radiology clients experienced a 95% clean claim rate that translated into over $5.8 million in payments last year.

When you choose BSI as your back office billing solution, you gain a partner that reinforces revenue streams, simplifies daily operations, lowers operating costs, and improves claims and billing processes.

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