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Helping Various Practices and Providers Compliantly and Consistently Maximize Reimbursements for Over 30 Years

A Medical Billing Specialist for Various Specialties

No matter what type of practice you operate or the specialized medical care you provide, efficient and accurate medical billing is essential to your financial wellbeing. But because of the complexities and time-consuming nature of credentialing, coding, and accounts receivable and claims management, most practices lack the internal resources needed to maximize their reimbursements. If you’re experiencing claims denials, loss of revenue, prolonged payment cycles, or compliance issues, BSI Medical Billing is here to help.

For over 30 years, we’ve improved cash flows and increased revenue for our clients across all specialties we support. We employ a team of certified coding and billing experts who strive to continually further their industry knowledge to serve our clients best. BSI tailors our services to solve your unique billing, coding, and reimbursement issues. When we become your back office solution, we do what we do best so that you can focus on what you do best, not paperwork.

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Why Choose BSI for Your Medical Billing Support?

Evey practice and provider wants to be properly and promptly reimbursed for their services. BSI understands that billing and coding are about more than maximizing reimbursement and shortening turnaround times. Our customized billing and coding services improve efficiency, lower operational costs, and allow you to spend more time providing patient care. 

Take, for example, our anesthesiology and radiology partners. In 2021, anesthesia providers experienced a 94% clean claim rate, with billing averaging less than 25 days in AR. In total, we processed over $3.6 million in payments for them. BSI achieved a 95% clean claim rate while processing over $5.8 million in payments for our radiology clients

Our clients continue to partner with us because:

  • We put our 30+ years of experience to work for them.
  • We are a U.S.-based and family-owned company. 
  • We have an in-house team of AAPC-certified coders.
  • We use innovative billing software. 
  • We tailor our services to your specific needs.
  • We assign our clients a dedicated team of coding and billing experts. 
  • We ensure regulatory, governmental, and organizational compliance.
  • We have hands-on experience with several types of EMRs.
  • We are dedicated to exceptional customer service and open communication.
  • We are capable of handling practices of all sizes.
  • We allow them to focus on patient care and growing their practice.

Read Our Case Studies

Discover the difference BSI makes for our clients by taking a closer look at what we’ve done for our clients with various specialties.

Case Study 1: Family Practice Quality Reporting Issues

A family practice client relied on their EMR and the provider to code their patient visits. This resulted in reporting deficiencies and process inefficiencies. They reached out to BSI to have our team of certified coders validate their coding with the documentation provided by practitioners. The highly accurate reporting we provide has significantly improved their reporting and increased their reimbursements and cash flow.

Case Study 2: Online Payment Portal 

BSI partners with numerous providers who struggle with payment collections, especially with the challenges of COVID-19 and telehealth or curbside visits. We’ve made a tremendous difference by introducing and implementing secure online patient payment portals. Now that patients can simply and securely make payments by debit card, credit card, or ACH checks, our clients increase their revenue with much shorter turnaround times.

Case Study 3: Unbilled Charges and Incomplete Credentialing

Due to the loss of their practice manager, our client had an overwhelming backlog of unbilled charges. While providing billing support, we discovered their initial credentialing was not completed, which resulted in numerous denials. 

BSI worked with the credentialing organization to complete all necessary paperwork promptly and finalize the process. In tandem with current billing, we submitted unbilled charges to help our client realize maximized reimbursement as quickly as possible. We also helped the provider close out previous billing software billing. This allowed them to receive reimbursement for charges they otherwise would not have obtained.