Orthopedic Billing Services

Helping Orthopedic Providers Compliantly and Consistently Maximize Reimbursements for Over 30 Years

Customized Orthopedic Medical Billing Services

Due to the broad scope of services and procedures involved, orthopedic billing and coding are complicated. If not done accurately, your orthopedic practice could be missing out on substantial revenue. That’s why BSI Medical Billing offers fully customized orthopedic billing services.

The billing specialists at BSI have 30 years of experience optimizing clients’ revenue cycle management. We can improve cash flow by auditing your billing processes, streamlining the credentialing cycle, and filing highly accurate diagnosis and procedure codes. All of these medical billing processes minimize claim denials and payment delays. And our accounts receivable and medical claims management ensures faster turnaround times by diligently following up on late or delinquent accounts.

Signs It’s Time To Outsource Your Orthopedic Billing and Coding

BSI’s orthopedic billing services are for you if:

  • You’re losing practice revenue because of inaccurate medical coding
  • Your office staff is overwhelmed or lacks the resources and expertise to gain maximum compensation.
  • You routinely face denied orthopedic surgery claims or prolonged payment times.
  • Your billing team isn’t meeting and exceeding acceptable clean claim rates.
  • You’re unable to focus on patient care and growing your practice.

Benefits of BSI’s Orthopedic Medical Billing Support

BSI’s billing and medical coding for orthopedics provide several benefits, including:

  • Maximized reimbursements
  • Minimized claim denials and delays
  • Shorter turnaround times
  • Highly accurate orthopedic billing and coding
  • Coding and billing compliance assurance
  • Potential cost savings

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Orthopedic Billing Services for foot bone issues

Accurate Medical Coding for Orthopedics

Inaccurate or insufficient orthopedic billing and coding is a leading cause of denied claims. With BSI as your billing company, you’re assigned a team of AAPC-certified coding specialists. They use their working knowledge of ICD-10 and CPT codes to prevent billing errors and make sure you’re not missing out on revenue opportunities.

We follow best practices and guidelines for medical coding in orthopedics to make critical decisions. BSI pays close attention to bundling and unbundling protocols and modifier applications. Our attention to detail and thoroughness play an integral role in increasing cash flow for your organization.

Why BSI Is the Orthopedic Billing and Coding Partner for You

For over 30 years, we’ve established a proven track record of maximizing reimbursements for orthopedic practices and providers. BSI is a U.S.-based medical billing company based in Arkansas. We value transparency and open communications. That’s why we’re always available to our clients and never connect you to overseas call centers. 

Our medical billing services averaged processing over $1 million in charges and $600 thousand in monthly payments for 2021. We use innovative billing software that can support multiple interfaces and systems. This gives us the ability to extract data as needed.  

We have the staffing and capabilities to provide medical billing solutions for practices of all sizes without sacrificing the level of customer service you receive. BSI’s billing specialists take pride in what they do and enjoy doing it. If you’re ready to increase your revenue stream and gain a more robust financial foundation, reach out to BSI to discuss our orthopedic billing services.

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