Medical Billing Audits

Helping Providers Compliantly and Consistently Maximize Reimbursements for Over 30 Years

Why You Should Audit Medical Billing

From accounts receivable to medical coding, several billing challenges jeopardize your ability to maximize reimbursements. BSI Medical Billing performs medical billing audits as part of our comprehensive revenue cycle management services. Our audit processes are essential in identifying and resolving operational inefficiencies, inappropriate billing practices, mismanaged CPT coding, and many other issues.

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How You Benefit From Medical Billing Audits

Routinely conducting audits provides healthcare organizations and providers with several advantages. When you partner with BSI for your medical billing audits, you take a proactive step towards:

  • Medical coding compliance: With our experienced certified medical coding auditor, BSI provides valuable feedback on ways to correct any issues, inaccuracies, or practices you must update to avoid industry, insurance, or government compliance concerns.
  • Optimized claims processes: BSI’s medical claim audits take a holistic view of your practices. We verify coding and billing compliance, identify the causes of reimbursement deficiencies, and reveal ways your practice can minimize claims inaccuracies.
  • Improved patient care: Medical billing audits make sure your processes are streamlined and accurate. That means you can focus less time on billing and claims adjudications and more time with your patients.

Schedule Your Medical Billing Audit

With over 30 years of experience, BSI knows how to audit medical billing and drive more revenue for your practice. Reach out to us today to schedule your medical billing audit.

Types of Medical Billing Audits

When BSI audits medical billing, we analyze your practice’s front- and back-office aspects. From front desk patient check-in processes to policy and procedure manuals, we gain a complete understanding of how patients are handled throughout the billing cycle.

Thorough Medical Claim Audits

BSI’s medical claim audits are the ideal way to verify that a claim’s coding matches the services you provided. We do this by comparing clinical records to the filed claims. Claims audits expose inappropriate billing practices, misapplication of CPT codes, incorrect submission processes, failures in follow-up, and causes of denials. Using the information we uncover, we help you develop a plan to correct any problem areas and eliminate issues that lead to challenges from payers.

Your Medical Coding Auditor

With BSI as your medical coding auditor, you gain a detailed view of your practice’s coding application and accuracy. Ensuring your codes accurately reflect the services provided in medical records is crucial. Flawed coding often leads to underpayment or denied claims, but it can also lead to payers remitting payment in error. Our medical coding audits analyze diagnosis code assignment, modifier usage, billing practices, and much more.

We’re More Than a Medical Coding Auditor

BSI has over 30 years of experience as a comprehensive billing support provider. We have a proven track record of helping providers within many specialties compliantly and consistently maximize reimbursements. Along with medical billing audits, we offer a full suite of industry-leading services, including:

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