Medical AR Management

Providing 30+ Years of Experience in Healthcare Accounts Receivable

Full-Service Accounts Receivable Management in Healthcare

Does your practice struggle to efficiently and accurately manage accounts receivable? Are you lacking the time and resources required to generate revenue and improve cash flow? If so, BSI Medical Billing’s AR management services are for you.

With our medical billing services, your practice is assigned a dedicated team that handles claims initiation, coding, submission, management, payment posting, and the statement cycle. If there’s a denial for some reason, it’s quickly processed and assigned to a specialized team member that researches the cause and works to remedy it. BSI also uses cutting-edge software to track and pursue delinquent accounts. The result is maximized reimbursement that allows your practice to remain financially viable.

What Sets Our Medical AR Management Apart?

For over 30 years, we’ve helped healthcare organizations maximize their revenue cycle management capabilities. In 2021, BSI’s accounts receivable medical billing processed over $3.6 million for anesthesia providers with a 94% clean claim rate. Accounts averaged less than 25 days in AR, and more than 91% were processed in less than 90 days. Our radiology clients experienced a 95% clean claim rate, averaged less than 30 days in AR, and saw more than 94% of payments processed within 90 days. This resulted in us processing over $5.8 million for radiology clients in 2021.

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The Benefits of BSI’s Healthcare Accounts Receivable

When you choose BSI as your medical AR management provider, you:

  • Maximize cash flow: For most practices, the biggest benefit of BSI’s medical AR management is increased revenue. We achieve this by following up on pending claims, initiating collections, researching reasons for denials, tracking outstanding healthcare accounts receivable balances, and providing detailed AR reporting
  • Reduce expenses: In-house accounts receivable medical billing requires a tremendous investment in fixed costs. The resources required to onboard, train, and compensate a team of skilled experts can be burdensome. And that doesn’t even include the costs of updating software, office space, and other fundamental expenses. With BSI, you only pay a small percentage of the revenue our medical billing generates. 
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Charges Processed per Month

  • Get superior accuracy: BSI’s AAPC-certified medical coding experts minimize the risk of errors that cause insurance companies to deny reimbursement. We also use an innovative automated AR process to eliminate the mistakes associated with manual entry.
  • Have quicker collection times: BSI utilizes innovative software applications that provide more options for patients, resulting in prompt payments and more reliable cash flow.
  • Save time: When you entrust BSI with your accounts receivable medical billing, you have more time to focus on providing care, practice management, and growing your business.

Custom Accounts Receivable Medical Billing

Every practice in the healthcare industry has unique circumstances. BSI doesn’t offer cookie-cutter accounts receivable services. We customize medical AR management solutions that result in quicker, maximized reimbursements.

Our customized claims management optimizes revenue recovery, increases reimbursement, and maximizes cash flow as quickly as possible. Knowing your medical billing services are in the trusted hands of BSI’s experts frees you and your staff to focus on what matters most— patient care.