Medical Billing Management

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Comprehensive Healthcare Billing Services

It’s safe to assume you didn’t dedicate years of your life to studying and mastering your medical specialty or becoming a practice manager in the hopes of spending your time working on claims processes and billing solutions. If you’re dedicating more time dealing with revenue cycle management issues and acting as your in-house billing department than you are to patient care, BSI’s medical billing management is a clear path back to your priorities.

Our outsourced medical billing services are fully customizable to your medical practice’s needs. BSI streamlines and enhances processes, allowing you to maximize reimbursement and increase revenue and cash flow. Our AAPC-certified team of coding and billing specialists ensures highly accurate claim submissions, resulting in quicker payments and minimized insurance company denials.

Critical Components of Medical Billing Management

There are many steps and tasks involved with healthcare billing services, but two of the most vital are accounts receivable and claims management. As a medical billing company with over 30 years of experience, we put our expertise and best practices to work for you. BSI quickly, efficiently, and accurately files claims, follows up on delinquent accounts, and resolves denied claims to keep your cash flows steady and maximize reimbursements.

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Common Reasons Why Doctors Look To Outsource Billing

There are many reasons practices and providers turn to BSI for outsourced medical billing, including:

  • Current medical billing management provider is overseas: BSI is a U.S.-based company. When you reach out to us, you’re never routed through an endless web of call centers. You speak with someone from our team headquartered right here in Arkansas.
  • Coding deficiency: Improper coding affects your reimbursement and how quickly payments are processed. BSI’s AAPC-certified coders provide world-class coding services that minimize issues caused by incorrect coding.
  • Lacking transparency: BSI is fully transparent about our medical billing management services. We strive to form long-term partnerships with our clients, and we believe that starts with open, honest communication.
  • Dependency on subpar billing software: If you’re dealing with less-than-optimal billing software, you could be losing a lot of time you could spend on patient care and other critical practice operations. BSI uses innovative platforms to ensure all billing information is accurately recorded and easily accessed.
  • Lack of in-house resources: One of the leading causes of billing outsourcing is that a practice simply doesn’t have the time or staff to devote to billing. BSI relieves the burden on practice managers by handling all aspects of your medical billing management.
  • Credentialing issues: If your providers aren’t adequately credentialed, you’re sure to lose out on revenue. BSI’s experts seamlessly navigate the complexities of credentialing to minimize reimbursement issues.

Healthcare Billing Services for Several Specialties

If you’re looking to outsource billing, BSI most commonly partners with providers that specialize in:

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