Cardiology Medical Billing

Helping Cardiology Providers Compliantly and Consistently Maximize Reimbursements for Over 30 Years

Dedicated Cardiology Billing Services

Because of constant advancements in the field and procedures performed along with changing payer requirements, cardiology medical billing guidelines routinely shift. Common surgical procedures like transplants, pacemaker insertion, and heart valve replacement must be accurately coded for providers to be reimbursed appropriately. BSI’s cardiology coding and billing support minimize denials and ensure timely payments for your services. 

We custom-tailor our billing solutions around your practice’s specific needs. If you’re struggling with denial management, you can rely on our team to quickly address any cardiology medical billing issues. BSI substantially improves your clean claim rates and turnaround time. Our meticulous and highly accurate medical billing and coding services minimize claim denials and enhance your revenue cycle processes. 

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Why Accurate Cardiology Coding Is Critical

Error-free medical coding is necessary for efficient revenue cycle management. If your claims don’t match payer requirements, your billing system is bound to face headache-inducing delays with insurance companies. We closely monitor and follow all cardiology medical billing guidelines during the coding process to minimize the chance of any claims denials.

BSI’s team of AAPC-certified coders offers a wealth of experience and industry expertise to our cardiology billing services. They stay on top of cardiology coding and reimbursement regulations to make sure each procedure is assigned the proper designation. Our coding diligence is just another way our cardiology medical billing services maximize reimbursements for our clients and help them grow their practice.

Why BSI Is the Cardiology Medical Billing Partner for You

We are a US-based, family-owned cardiology coding and billing specialist with over 30 years of experience. We use innovative billing software and a solid working knowledge of various EMRs to extract critical data. This results in more successful claims that are paid more quickly.

As a company, we process over $1 million in charges and secure over $600 thousand in payments monthly. Our accounts receivable and claims management services remove the burden of tracking delinquent accounts and addressing denied submissions.

When you choose BSI’s cardiology medical billing, you have the comfort of knowing you’re being fully compensated for the surgical procedures and medical treatment you provide. But you also lower your operational costs and gain more time to spend treating patients and growing your practice.

Delivering Customized Cardiology Billing Services

At BSI, we don’t believe in cookie-cutter cardiology medical billing solutions. We work with you to shape our services around your specific needs. Whether you need to onboard new providers or improve your clean claim rates, our comprehensive billing services include: