Claims Management Services

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Comprehensive and Efficient Claims Processing Services

Medical claims processes are one of the most time-consuming and frustrating tasks for healthcare organizations. Not only do they take your focus away from patient care, but they also put a strain on your cash flow if not done properly. If you’re routinely faced with claims denials because of filing inaccuracies or coding errors, BSI Medical Billing‘s claims management services are for you. 

With our claims processing services, you’re assigned a team of experts to process, post, and deposit payments in a timely fashion. Our in-house billing and coding specialist handle claims efficiently and accurately. BSI also monitors and tracks delinquent claims using innovative software. We even expedite reimbursements for insurance claims by establishing electronic fund transfers.

Denial Management Services

When an insurance company denies a claim, you want to resolve the issue quickly to avoid prolonging the denial management process. BSI leverages our 30+ years of experience to effectively establish and implement management strategies to appeal and reverse unsubstantiated denials.

Our innovative software identifies denials by source, reason, and other important factors in order to allow efficient processing and help minimize the potential for future denials and recoupment of funds.

Signs Claims Outsourcing Is for You

Several indicators signal the need for BSI’s claims processing services, including:

  • Revenue cycle inconsistencies
  • Delayed payments and longer time in AR
  • Diminishing reimbursements
  • Declining clean claim rates

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The Benefits of Claims Outsourcing

With BSI’s claims processing services, your practice experiences numerous benefits, including:

  • Cost savings: With BSI, you have access to a team of certified experts who can handle all claims management aspects. This eliminates the investment in hiring, compensating, and training new employees. You also don’t have to build out the infrastructure required to carry out claims tasks effectively.
  • Faster adjudication and settlement: BSI’s claims management services quickly adjudicate and settle claims, enhancing your cash flows and maximizing your reimbursements.
  • Improved accuracy: One of the essential elements of successful revenue cycle management is accuracy. BSI’s coding and billing experts submit highly accurate claims, resulting in minimized denial rates and quicker payments.
  • Increased productivity: Outsourcing your claims processing services to BSI allows your internal staff to focus primarily on patient care.

Our Claims Management Services Results

BSI’s AR and claims management services are responsible for processing over $1 million in charges and $600 thousand in monthly payments for practices and providers in various specialties. 

Our anesthesiology clients saw a 94% clean claim rate, with claims being in AR for less than 25 days on average. 91% of all claims were processed in under 90 days. We processed over $3.6 million in payments for anesthesia providers last year.

BSI’s radiology clients experienced a 95% clean claim rate, with an average of fewer than 30 days in AR. Furthermore, 94% of claims were processed in fewer than 90 days. Our successes resulted in over $5.8 million in payments for radiology practices.

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