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Revenue Cycle Management marries the business and clinical elements of healthcare, and it is the framework which enables providers to be paid for their services. RCM is driven by coding and billing, so inefficiencies in either of these areas can hurt your bottom line and put your practice at risk. Beyond keeping your organization financially viable, optimized RCM processes also free up time for providers to build better relationships with patients.

However, maximizing your coding and billing efforts can be a difficult balancing act because doing so requires close monitoring of both internal and external factors that impact your RCM, for example:

  • Internal - provider productivity, patient volume, service fee analysis, etc.
  • External - delinquent patient accounts, insurance claim denials and documentation requests, etc.

It’s often more than what one onsite administrative staff can efficiently handle, no matter how talented they are. That’s why we partner with your business office to tighten workflows, fill in process gaps and chase down those crucial pieces of the puzzle that can so easily become stalled awaiting third-party intervention.

Instead of offering a single cookie-cutter package for everyone, we tailor a solution for each client, based on the specific needs of that provider or practice. Our knowledge is extensive, so we have a wide range of capabilities at our disposal.

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