Provider credentialing is the foundation for all provider reimbursements. Delays or difficulties in the enrollment process can start a domino effect of problems throughout your revenue cycle. It is extremely important to make sure your practice — and all of your providers — are credentialed properly to secure your financial footing and set your organization up for success.

Why is credentialing so complicated?

If you have been involved in the credentialing process in recent years, then you probably already know what a time-consuming and frustrating task it can be — so much so, in fact, that provider enrollment has evolved into its own specialized field.

Credentialing has changed considerably over the years. Because each insurance carrier/payer has its own specific set of criteria, the sheer volume of documentation requests alone can be overwhelming for many. Even simple things, like leaving a date off a signature page, can grind the entire process to a halt.

However, the core concept is the same; ensuring doctors have received all the necessary training and experience to practice medicine safely and efficiently and can be reimbursed for the services they provide. Making sure your practice and providers are credentialed properly is not only a critical component of developing a practice that delivers the highest level of patient care, but is also essential for reimbursements.

Potential Impact

Improper or incomplete credentialing can be harmful to your practice's financial bottom line by limiting your ability to collect for services rendered. Credentialing is a time-intensive process that requires preparation and a conscientious attention to detail. If done incorrectly or left until the last minute, you may see delays in cash-flow and problems with scheduling as well as other concerns.

Here are just a few of the most common challenges that cause major pain points for practices of all kinds:

  • Missing support documentation and incomplete enrollment applications
  • Lapses in or non-compliant management of recredentialing
  • Outdated or incorrect information about a practitioner’s licensure status, facility privileges and training records

With so many different processes, insurance carriers and provider types to manage, it’s no wonder practices often find themselves struggling and stressing over aging receivables while waiting for credentialing approval.

Our Experience

Our specialized credentialing team works to complete and maintain the credentialing for groups and individual providers with a meticulous attention to detail. We offer the same level of precise, personalized service you would expect from your very own in-house staff.

In the first six months of 2021 alone, our team has credentialed 28 groups and over 50 providers with various insurance companies, in addition to multiple re-credentialing and revalidation applications.

Skip the headache and call BSI

Credentialing does not have to be a traumatic experience. Our team works with each practice we serve to ensure a smooth and efficient process. In an effort to help providers maximize their reimbursements, whether they utilize our billing services or not, BSI offers standalone enrollment and credentialing services to groups, as well as individual providers.

If you would like further information or have concerns with credentialing, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. Contact us to get started.

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